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Harper’s tire centralizes operations to offer improved customer service

Calgary’s tire guru urges drivers to pick the right tire, not the cheapest.

October 3, 2018 – Calgary, AB – Harper’s Tire, which has been operating in Calgary for 87 years, is consolidating its operations at its 4th St SE location in order to create a more personalized customer experience.

With 13 bays and a staff of 17 people, Harper’s continues to be Calgary’s premier tire service company, with a depth of industry knowledge that spans decades.

Two locations, one in the Northwest and the other in Douglasdale, have been sold, allowing the owners and staff to concentrate efforts at the main location. The tire storage service will be moved here and all mechanical repairs will be done on site.

“We heard from our clients and they want to deal with us, personally, because they know and trust us. It’s hard to be in three places at once, and we were spreading ourselves too thin,” says owner Dan Harper.

As online purchasing of tires grows and installers pop up around the city, Harper says it’s more important than ever to provide one-to-one counseling to help customers find the best and safest tires for their vehicles. He encourages consumers to be wary of online reviews and promotions and encourages them to question the source of the information online. As an independent tire service company, Harper’s provides objective advice and informed recommendations

“The typical shopper doesn’t really understand the difference between all the different brands and types of tires, so they tend to make their decision based on price. They can end up choosing the wrong tire for the wrong application and that can lead to problems with drivability and performance of their vehicle,” says Harper.

Started by his grandfather, John, in 1931, Harper says the family is committed to continuing the legacy of quality products and outstanding customer service. Some employees have been on staff for over 25 years. Customers have also spanned generations.

“Our customers tend to be people who are a little fussier about how their vehicles are treated. They want to know their car is going get looked after and we’re not in a rush to get them in and out in a hurry,” says Harper. “We offer same day service, but it’s more important to be thorough than it is to be fast.”

The tire business is changing rapidly with more sophisticated cars and tire technology, but one thing remains constant — people need help selecting and installing the correct tires for their vehicle.

Harper’s also provides auto repair service and will continue to operate its self-serve Carwash at Douglasdale.

You can follow Harper’s Tire on Facebook and Twitter for updates and visit their website for more info. A spokesman is available upon request for media interviews.

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