Recycle With Harpers

At Harper’s we are dedicated to reducing waste. Over ten years ago we noticed the significant amount of waste being created during routine car maintenance visits and mechanical appointments, and we decided to take action.

Through a great partnership with recycling plants, we have reduced our chemical and toxic waste substantially.

We are very proud to present a win-win situation where customers receive great service and the environment receives less waste.

We recycle:

  • Air Filters
  • All Fluids
  • Tires
  • Auto Parts

Fill your tires with Nitrogen

We are an industry leader by being one the first dealers in Canada with Nitrogen inflation for your tires. This service, once reserved for race cars, airplanes and military vehicles is now available for your car or light truck and is included at NO additional cost when you purchase or changeover your tires at Harper’s Tire.

  • Better Mileage, Use Less Fuel
  • Less Tire Failures, Less Replacement Costs
  • Improved Tire Pressure, Longer Lasting Tires


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