I wanted to write you a quick note, to say how overwhelmed at the customer service I received with your company, and not just with Sales, but the mechanics, the personnel that drove me to and from the C-Train, Etc… I especially want to point out the tremendous customer service I got from Bob Steendam. I had never heard of you guys before (I have only been in Calgary for 7 years 😉 ) anyhow i purchased a Dodge 3500 Truck from a dealer, with 80k on it. The tires were showing cracks and splits, and my first concern was the reliability of the tires, due to wanting to tow our 12k lbs 5th wheel with this vehicle we just purchased. Not giving your sales people any previous detail about prior investigation (with Kal-Tire, and Fountain Tire) When I first called Bob Steendam on the phone, and explained the situation, I was trying to get someone to ‘validate’ if the tires were indeed in need of replacement ASAP or not. As on the internet, there were lots of people complaining about Michelin tires having cracking. (they were the stock LTX A/S tires)

Anyhow talking to Bob, we said to bring the truck by for a look, i explained that my work hours are essentially past 5pm, and he stated a day that he’s there longer then 5, and told me to come on by and knock on the door after hours, so I did. In this day and age, Customer Service I typically find lacking, whereas at Harper’s it is excelling … Many thanks!