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Cooper Tires has had a long and interesting life starting with the founding in 1914 in Akron, Ohio by two brother-in-laws.

The two men started by purchasing the M&M Company, a company that made tire patches and repair kits. The men followed that by purchasing the Giant Tire & Rubber Company so that they could start manufacturing “rebuilt” tires in Findlay, Ohio in 1917. By 1919 another investor named I.J. Cooper established the Cooper Corporation on an adjacent property and started manufacturing new tires.

In 1930, the two companies merged with The Falls Rubber Company, forming The Master Tire & Rubber Company. The name was changed in 1946 to Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, and became a publicly traded company in 1960. In the twenty-first century, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has become the world’s eighth largest tire manufacturer and one of the 350 largest companies in the United States. The company is now one of two tire companies owned by Americans.

Cooper Tires mission is simple: “One company, one team, one goal: Creating superior value for our customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.” The “Cooper Way” is a term used by the company, which involves, “Engaged people, relentless improvement, and excellence in all we do.” Also, the “Cooper Way” includes: “help each other succeed, have engaged communication, do the right thing, be agile, be results focused, and provide world-class customer service.”

The Cooper Advantage is an idea started by the Company to express who they are. The three keys to the Cooper Advantage are: Passion, Precision, and Performance. Cooper Tires uses state-of-the-art technology called Vtech, or Virtual Tire Technology, which allows a computer-aided engineering modeling system that can predict tire performance.

New Cooper CS5 Touring is crafted with leading edge technologies & innovations that meet the demands of today’s consumer. The CS5 Touring provides real-life performance, in real-life conditions for everyday drivers. Wear Square: As your tire wears, the shape of the visual wear indicator will change. This allows you to approximate the tread life remaining on your tires. If the inner & outer Wear Square are at different stages, this indicates a possible wheel alignment issues. □ New, U25% worn, L 50% worn, l 75% worn, ! replace tire. Silica Compound: The new second generation silica tread compound with advanced polymer formulation improves wet handling, shortens stopping distance & lowers rolling resistance for improved fuel mileage. 3D Micro-Gauge Siping: 3D Micro-Gauge siping stabilizes the tread elements by interlocking together to maximize surface contact.

Additionally, the full depth siping (2/32nds) improves wet & dry performance throughout the life of the tire. Stabiliedge: Stabiliedge technology can be found on the edge of the tread elements. It stabilizes the tread while driving which improves response & traction. Asymmetric Tread Design: Specially designed to enhance handling & grip in all-weather conditions, the tread pattern is turned on each half. CS5 Ultra Touring is tuned to deliver crisp steering response, controlled handling around curves & all-season road gripping capabilities. (Inside – Wet grip & Traction/Outside – Handling & Cornering).

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Discoverer H/T is the premium of touring SUV/light truck original equipment replacement tire manufactured by Cooper. The tire was designed for comfort and traction in all seasons. High-density “zigzag” sipes enhance traction in wet conditions along with improved traction in snow and ice. A solid center rib improves steering response and noise while driving at high speeds. Four wide, notching circumferential grooves were places on the Discoverer H/T that offer resistance to hydroplaning and improved traction in the snow.