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Recommended for drivers who want high quality tires that are dependable and durable at an affordable price point with Michelin technology.

Uniroyal tires are a trusted brand for drivers seeking high quality with an emphasis on dependability. Well-suited for everyday needs, Uniroyal tires are the ideal choice for basic driving needs at a lower price point.


All Uniroyal® tires have a limited warranty, which covers defects in workmanship and material for the life of the original usable tread, or for six years from date of purchase, whichever occurs first.

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About Uniroyal

The United States Rubber Company was originally founded in 1892, as one of twelve original stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. By 1941, The United States Rubber Company bought controlling interest in the Gillette Safety Tire Company, becoming the world’s largest supplier of Original Equipment Tires. In 1961 United States Rubber Company changed their name to Uniroyal Inc.

In 1964, Uniroyal® adapted the Tiger as the symbol of the company; signifying tradition, preservation, and pride as the key factors in the Uniroyal® Brand products. As the Twenty-First Century continues to produce innovative products, Uniroyal® has become devoted to producing high quality, durable car and truck tires that not only look good, but also last longer than any other.

The Tiger Paw Touring Series was developed by Uniroyal®, as a high-performance tire that had the capability to maintain traction on surfaces of all four seasons. The Tiger Paw has tread that effectively evacuates water from the surface patch, reducing the potential for hydroplaning. The Tiger Paw Touring Series comes with two possible warranties; one with a 70,000-mile tread-life warranty for the H/V rated tire, and 80,000-mile T-speed rated tread warranty.

Introducing the Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTZ All Season tire. Ultra-high performance affordability meets all-season reliability. Reliable Performance in All Seasons, has Optimized tread compound combined with a solid center rib & Tiger Claw tread design. Offers Durability and Reliability on the road Patented DuraShield construction. Increased tread life & more balanced wear Non-directional tread design.

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The Laredo Cross Country is an exceptional choice for the SUV and Light Truck owner. This tire features great all-season traction, enhanced off-pavement traction that helps maximize tread-life, and durability and reliability on the road. The Laredo Cross Country has a 60,000-mile limited tread-wear warranty, ensuring that this is one tough tire.

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